Adrian Merrifield

Artist Painter.

I was born in 1968 in Bournemouth, Dorset. Despite having an interest in art at school i never pursued it for many  years doing various jobs until 2008. During recovering from illness i started drawing again, In 2010 i attended Bournemouth and Poole College achieving a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. After that i studied B A Honours Fine Art and then a Masters Degree at the University of Chichester.

Works by Casper David Friedrich, Joseph Turner, John Constable, Edward Hopper and more recently Elizabeth Magill and George Shaw are amoung the main influences in my work.

The Genre i work in is primarily landscape. I work in various media but Oil paint is my preffered option, often using watercolour, ink or charcoal sketches along with photography to prepare for larger paintings.

I am a landscape painter and often try to capture atmosphere, the uncanny/eerie in my work.